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In the land of the Federal Reserve, the long-range view is left cold and abandoned on the frontier of the future. Preference is given, instead, to the short-term view. The Fed does not gaze far enough into the future and this is a problem — a highly detrimental state of affairs, to be exact.

Lest you quirk an eyebrow over such grave language being applied to the boring technicality of — of all things — time ranges, allow me to explain.

Couched in the context of the Federal Reserve, the“long-term” and the “short-term” are not easily exchangeable outlooks differentiated merely by the mechanistic passage of time. …

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Such an interesting creature the Federal Reserve is. Cleverly named absent the words “central bank” this century old American institution has, in some ways, flown under the radar, shielded from revision.

Though that’s not to say that the Fed hasn’t received plenty of flak from a handful of political niches over the years for its liberty-deteriorating exploits, most notably from the libertarians. That said, it is not uncommon for the radical call “End the Fed!” to be dismissed by others on the grounds of seeming ideological dramatics.

I would make the remark that citizen outrage from these political camps has eclipsed the worthwhile parallel effort to lay bare the Federal Reserve’s practical limitations, a perspective more quiet and more rare but nevertheless certainly needed. …

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Anxiety is a parasite. (It is also a very popular parasite, afflicting millions.) It is a curious condition, which in most people can not really be said to be a disorder. For most, it waxes and wanes and sometimes disappears for days, weeks, months.

The ranks of those modernly burdened by free-floating anxiety are large and only expanding. There is, of course, no shortage of speculative commentary on what exactly has caused an increasingly anxious population. (And it’s interesting to note that we are also a society which peddles increasingly more education on how to manage anxiety than ever before.)

But what I’m interested in here is a detailed look into the nature of that permeating anxiety and what offenses could be mounted against it. …


Lauren Reiff

Writer of economics, psychology, and lots in between. laurennreiff@gmail.com

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